Behind the Scenes With KCA 2016 Host Blake Shelton

Kids' Choice Awards is back and it's BIGGER than ever! And what better way to kick off the KCAs than with a super sliming of your 2016 host, country music singer and star of The Voice, Blake Shelton?!


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Kids' Choice Awards is back and it's BIGGER than ever! And what better way to kick off the KCAs than with a super sliming of your 2016 host, country music singer and star of The Voice, Blake Shelton?!


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Blake Shelton with a Blimp? It can't get bigger than this... Or can it?


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Hosting the most colossal Kids' Choice Awards yet? Blake welcomes the challenge with open arms!


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Blake's no stranger to the limelight, but what about the slimelight? He's about to meet his match!


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When it comes to an epic sliming, all you need is one take. Lights, camera, action!

Blake Shelton

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Who needs gel when you've got gallons of green slime? We'll tell hair and makeup to keep some handy for the host on show night.


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As you can see, we put all of our hosts through intense slime training. Looking good, Blake.

Blake Shelton

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His first time slimed and he already knows proper eye-cleaning technique. Blake is a natural!


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What's that sound? Oh, just the beautiful melody of our mega host getting a giant dose of slime!


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Hey, Blake, who's hosting the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards?


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How does Blake Shelton feel about hosting the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards? The same way he feels about slime. All gooey!


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Sure, you're not supposed to play with your food. But no one ever said anything about playing with your slime!


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Blake Shelton rocked his first Kids' Choice Awards host sliming. But it's about to get way bigger than this.