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6 Fun 2016 KCA Nominee Facts

6 Fun 2016 KCA Nominee Facts
You know these six Favourite Female TV Star nominees from their hit shows. But here's some trivia you might not learn on TV!

Debby Ryan
Along with her acting career, Debby fronts a band called The Never Ending.

Dove Cameron
Dove has lived in France and speaks excellent French. Très bien!

Kira Kosarin
Kira's not the only 'super' star in the family. Her mom was an actress on Broadway!

Laura Marano
Laura likes to tap-dance, and she has written more than 100 songs. Wow!

Lizzy Greene
One of the 'NRDD' star's favourite activities is doing gymnastics.

Zendaya is a huge fan of Michael Jackson…she even used to dress like him!