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6 MORE Fun Facts About KCA 2016 Nominees

6 MORE Fun Facts About KCA 2016 Nominees
Sure, you know this year's Favourite Male TV Star nominees for the dudes they play onscreen. But here are some fun facts about the guys IRL!

Aidan Gallagher
Aidan plays piano, guitar, AND drums—now that is what we call multitalented!

Casey Simpson
Casey started acting when he was only 3 years old. Pretty precocious!

Jace Norman
Jace does his own stunts while filming 'Henry Danger'. Surely it's nothing too danger-ous!

Jack Griffo
When he's not in his superhero costume, Jack loves…patterned socks.

Ross Lynch
Ross knows capoeira—that's a Brazilian martial art that's kind of like a dance.

Tyrel Jackson Williams
Tyrel's two brothers are also actors. Guess it runs in the family!